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No matter the price of a website, there are many features that are not discussed often enough. Mainly because they do not come up in normal conversation. However, there are many standard features that come with all websites and should not add on cost. We do provide these features for all sites because it is the right thing to do. Plus we want to see businesses grow while we handle web presence, web design, hosting, domain, seo, socials, or branding.

The 20 valuable features for websites:

  • modern code (html5/css3) – allows Google to know that your site is of modern quality standards and will help rank
  • mobile friendly (responsive) framework – necessary for you to rank higher in Google search results
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  • smart, modern design – visitors do not want to visit a site that looks outdated or ‘spammy’ since a poor experience will make them leave and go elsewhere
  • UX design elements – easy to navigate design that requests visitors to take actions like contact, learn more or purchase
  • bullet / number / icon lists – pages can have list formats when needed so that content is easy to read for visitors and search engines
  • image optimization – make sure all images on your site are appropriate size, have the correct titles and load easily so visitors and Google see your page as having great content  
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  • multimedia – we encourage and help provide images for each page and will embed video that is always relevant so that visitors and search engines know your content is worth viewing
  • contact page is clear, accurate and easy to call or find your location or email using a form

  • need informative blog articles – when clients need articles written for them, we can help. we encourage all clients to write a blog article at least once a month to post on socials or other places that will help drive traffic
  • Blog comment spam protection – prevents virus links and unwanted sales comments from showing up on your site so your customers don’t click on or fall victim to spammers

  • review Pingdom or PageSpeed insights – to recieve and adjust aspects of site to ensure it loads faster and safely

  • SSL certificate / HTTS protection – reassures your website visitors that they are on a legitimate, safe, and secure website, plus as an added bonus, Google gives preference to a site with an valid SSL certificate

  • social sharing buttons – allows your visitors to share your site or services or articles 
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  • robots.txt – this file allows your site to be seen by Google since just being on the internet is not enough for Google to know your wanting to show up in search results

  • create and submit sitemap to Search Console – highlight the important pages on the website navigation and help search engines understand your site structure for ranking when people search for you or your services

  • seo-friendly urls – all your websites pages have the format that Google will need to rank your site

  • no 404 errors – ensure that all links are working because if not then you may not rank as high as your competitor

  • optimize meta titles and descriptions with appropriate headings – the way your website appears in Google search results matter. we create both the first line that is clickable and the description underneath to encourage people to click and go to your site. All headings and text on all pages will have the appropriate format to help you rank in Google

  • keyword density – each page will be purpose driven so that the purpose of the page is apparent to Google and will help ranking

Thanks for reading and we look forward to seeing your next great site! 

Also check out our Website Planning Workshop schedule if you want to learn more in person.

Phillip is co-founder of Creative Boro and has an extensive knowledge of website design best practices.  There is more great information in the links below. Please check ’em out!

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