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SEO pricing and questions related to SEO services are somewhat a mystery even in 2017. We know in order to get on page one of your local Google search results, search engine optimization is needed. That is why we have put together this quick tutorial on SEO pricing questions answered. If you have any other questions, please post in the comments.

How much does SEO cost per month?

Straight forward question and here is the answer: it depends. We have a starter package designed for new businesses with very low budget in order to get started. It costs $199/mo. There are custom packages that can go upwards of $7,500/mo. We typically keep our SEO pricing under $1,500 because it allows us to focus on getting clear deliverables – like blog articles, on-page SEO enhancements and citations / directory listings – completed and results measured each month. For a small, one location business this is enough to rank for a set of keywords in their area.

Side note: Hourly SEO pricing can vary from $76 to $200 depending on the agency or freelancer. We do not offer hourly SEO yet. This prevents critical tasks only getting halfway accomplished because the budget is not defined from the beginning of the engagement.

What are SEO services?

SEO services can often overlap with web design, social media management, digital marketing & advertising and even hosting. They can include:

  • Directories and Citations
  • On-page Tactics
  • Structured Data and Rich Snippets
  • Keyword Research and Placement
  • Website Articles
  • Press Releases
  • Guest Articles and other backlink sources
  • Modern Code
  • Secure Site

The overlap with other digital services and SEO services make it a wise choice to have all online presence with one company. Your web designer will need to allow SEO service provider access to website content manager and usually the code itself. Also any graphic design including responsive elements will need to be reviewed with your SEO provider. Hosting company will need to allow access to install SSL certificates, start backups and link search console. Social Media managers will need to work with SEO service provider to coordinate blog article or press release postings, among other things. Your digital advertising agency will need to know the keyword strategy and work hand in hand with your SEO provider.

Is SEO advertising?

No. You do not pay for placement of your website when utilizing search engine optimization. You may pay an SEO service for help to rank on search engines for certain keywords, but you are not paying Google or Bing for those rankings. 

Advertising appears as an ‘Ad’ at the top of the search results. For Google, if the word ‘Ad’ is obvious and those listings are paid for by the company listed.

How much is an SEO audit?

Free. Other sites are also free and some charge money for specific information. Ours is a great start and will definitely help you on your way to finding that final SEO pricing for your needs.

Phillip is co-founder of Creative Boro and has an extensive knowledge of website design best practices.  There is more great information in the links below. Please check ’em out!

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