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Back in the “old days,” before Google algorithms started rewriting the rules of SEO, press releases were a potent tool. Keyword-rich press releases littered the internet, leaving backlinks all over the web that don’t have much relation to anything. Since the change to the algorithm how have things changed?

Paid Advertising or Free SEO?

Google now treats press releases as a form of paid advertising. Therefore, the benefits of widespread distributions have somewhat dissipated. For this reason, you probably can’t get the same benefit for your investment of time and money as you can get with straightforward good SEO practices.

However, press releases still have a place in the marketing world. In fact, press release campaigns always bring news about your products and services with news agencies, bloggers, and other outlets who have audiences that need to know.

Free Links

Google has relegated press releases to the world of paid promotion, so you don’t have to worry about the potentially harmful effect links may have on the SEO value of your content. In other words, you can link keywords in your press releases to pages on your site as is necessary to communicate your message.

For the most part, relevance is the key to your success. When you distribute a relevant press release, make sure the links you include are related to the content and beneficial to readers. As is the case with your website content, if you put your audience first, you will have an outcome that is favorable to SEO and your business.

Getting Noticed

Most of the top press release distribution services have a lot of material available that can teach you how to write compelling press releases for your type of business. At the very least, you should properly format your press releases to make it easy for outlets to ingest and link to.

Additionally, be sure to follow a general-to-specific content style that also provides agencies with your contact information and details about your company. When websites and news agencies come across your press release, they often want to get more information to include in their articles.

Expanded Reach

When correctly done, your press releases will fall into the hands of interested parties who want to include news such as yours in their content. As more outlets include your work in their feeds, word of your business reaches more people. Needless to say, as more people learn about your brand, they will click links to visit your site, resulting in conversion opportunities. The most important thing to do is make sure your press release has relevant, important information. The best way to manage your SEO and marketing content is to contact the best so don’t be afraid to reach out for help.


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