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The objective of your website is to attract and lead potential customers through a process that allows them to learn more information or purchase your products or services. A user-friendly website is required to maintain this type of engagement. To ensure that your website is intuitive and highly usable, here are 4 tips that you should implement when creating or maintaining your website:

Responsive Design

If your website does not have a responsive design, your business is missing out on a large amount of web traffic. With a responsive design, your content has the ability to be consumed by potential customers who are using any type of browser. Specific code that's built on your site tells your images, text and videos to enlarge or shrink when they are being seen on a smartphone, tablet or PC. Be sure that you can engage with all of your potential customers by utilizing the benefits of having a responsive design.

Landing Page SEO

By using keywords and keyword phrases in your content that are associated with the topics, products or services in your niche, it lets Google know what each page on your website is about. Having a specified landing page SEO strategy for each page makes sure that you are providing valuable information to your audience. According to The SEO Expert, “your website’s landing page layout and design will undoubtedly have one of the largest impacts on your SEO.” Google's robots will scan your website and categorize each section according to your keywords.

Structure and Navigation

Being able to lead customers through your website is imperative if you want to keep them interested and produce any sales. To do this, it helps if you include 5 key elements on your site:

- A search feature

- Smart internal linking

- A customized 404 page

- Multiple routes for content exploration -- popular posts, recent posts, top 10 articles areas

- Intuitive navigation in both the header and footer

Having these elements makes sure that your readers are able to search for answers or are easily navigated in the right direction.

Clean Code

Often, the action that's occurring behind the scenes is just as important as what a user sees on their browser. With clean code and valid markup, your site will be dependable, have quick load times and be consistent in its appearance when used on different types of devices and browsers. Also, having clean code helps make sure that your site is less vulnerable to attacks from hackers. It's usually much easier to discover a problem when your markup is already following the best standards and practices.

Great usability guarantees that your visitors will have a seamless experience when they visit your site. It also increases the chances that you'll be successful in receiving a sale.

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