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Way Solutions LMS


Project Name:
Way Solutions LMS
Project Features:
  • Course Layout
  • Lessons Layout
  • Payment and Checkout
  • Responsive and Mobile-Friendly Design

About the Project

Jennifer Way is a national speaker and consultant on hiring, developing top talent, and building personal career management strategies. She is the founder of Way Solutions, an HR consulting firm that aligns retention strategies with personal career management. Her clients include CareerBuilder, Nissan, Disney, Microsoft, HCA, and many more.

Ways Solutions partnered with Creative Boro to turn their training materials into a comprehensive e-Learning Platform. The goal was to add a new revenue stream for paid courses to help job seekers actively looking for professional employment.

Landing Pages and Mobile Friendly

Each course has a beautiful landing page that highlights the value the professional job seeker will receive when registering. The entire platform is designed to scale responsively for any size device. Users can learn at home with their desktop/laptop computer or learn on the go with their mobile phone/tablet.

Taking a Course

After purchase, the job seeker is given access to the course, and the framework of the course is designed to track the progress the individual makes. Each course has multiple sections, lessons, videos, and downloadable training materials. All content is easily managed, edited, created, and update by Way Solutions using the CMS (Content Management System).

Access to Members Dashboard

Members need to be able to access their training at anytime, right? That’s what we said in the beginning. It was imperative to build a Member Dashboard for each user to quickly access the courses they have purchased, manage their profile information, and redeem any vouchers. Simple, intuitive, and mobile-friendly.

Analytics and Tracking Data

Having these courses and people signing up, you need to be able to keep track of all that data. Way Solutions can view and track analytics on sales, course progress, membership information, and more. We designed it so that they are able to drill down to find help information to improve courses and provide their user with the most optimal experience.