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Please read through the following overview of the types of projects that we do (and don’t do), as well as some other details like pricing. This will help you identify whether or not we are a good fit for your business. After reading, if we meet your criteria, then just fill out the form and schedule a meeting with us.

Company Overview

Creative Boro was founded in 2016 in Murfreesboro, TN to help local and small businesses have a better option when it comes to Website Design and SEO services. The owner, Josh Griffin, realized that he could build processes and standards around these services in order to deliver high-quality work at price that made sense. We don’t think of our clients as…well…clients. Instead, we think of them as partners. Our services were built with small business in mind. We provide the opportunity for businesses to actually afford Digital Marketing Services that are high-quality and that beats out our competitors on value.

Types Of Projects We Do​

Our bread and butter is helping any type of business with Website Design, Hosting, and SEO. Location based service businesses is where we can really help…think Dentist, Roofer, etc. We can do anything from basic websites, e-commerce websites, membership sites, booking calendars & directory sites. With our Local Search Engine Optimization service we can help almost any location based service business get found online. Additionally, with SEO, we only work with one customer per industry per location. We can also help with simple graphic design requests such as logos, brochures, and business cards.

Types Of Projects We Don't Do​

We do not work on apps or software, or do large marketing campaigns. We do not help with Squarespace, Wix, Weebly, or the GoDaddy website builder. We work only with the WordPress platform because it is the most versatile. We also do not offer IT services or email solutions, but can provide you with reputable references in our network. 


We love helping small business and have many from Murfreesboro to Arkansas to even Denmark. Check out the amazing things some of our awesome clients have said about working with us.

Website Portfolio

We have helped over 100 businesses create a beautiful & functioning website. Here are a few of our favorites right now. More available on request.

SEO Results

SEO is a technique for ensuring that your site is friendly to search engines while making it enjoyable to your audience. We focus on both the creative and technical elements required to drive traffic, raise awareness, increase leads, and improve rankings in the search engines. We have clients that have seen huge jump in revenue. One e-commerce client has seen 123% increase in revenue from the previous year.  We helped a brand new shipping company become one of the top businesses in their location. All of our clients will end up getting page #1 rankings in Google. Most importantly, our clients see the increase it leads and revenue from their website and web presence. 

Our Process

We value processes, standards, checklists, and continuous improvement. We have a solid process for building websites that makes it easy for the client and produces results with no errors. Our process is mapped out in 7 Phases: (Setup, Pre-Production, Production, Quality Check, Review, Launch, and Post-Launch. 

For our SEO Services, we have a 3 Phase Approach that we follow and adapt based on client industry and data that we track. Phase 1 (Foundation) is where we create a solid foundation, with minimal errors, so that the business can better and more easily grow online. Phase 3 (Optimization) is where we optimize traffic, improve conversions, and improve audience targeting. And Finally, Phase 3 (Maintenance) is where we optimize traffic to the business and improve brand awareness using data.


The reason Creative Boro was started was to give business a better option in terms of quality, trust, and pricing. Our basic websites start at $1,800, and e-commerce sites start at $3,600. We are proud to have a standardized process to deliver high-quality websites at these starting prices. 

Our SEO services start at $595 per month and generally do not exceed $1,500 per month. Local businesses can greatly benefit from our SEO services because it is data driven and focused at getting more leads to your business. 

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