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As a Murfreesboro SEO Company, our job is to increase the online visibility of your business in major search engines. We focus on both the creative and technical elements required to drive traffic, raise awareness, increase leads, and improve rankings in the search engines. SEO is a technique for ensuring that your site is friendly to search engines while making it enjoyable to your audience.

Why invest in SEO?

This is a common question among local Murfreesboro TN business owners. Ultimately, they want to understand the value of SEO services. What value are you getting? As with any digital marketing, the simple answer is that your website and web presence will work for you, as a salesperson. The better your business appears online, the more helpful it is, and the more business you will receive. The benefit of SEO is long-term and once you start to rank for keywords that are beneficial for your business, you will continue to rank so long as you maintain it. The bottom line is that more people will know about your business and the more people that know about you, then the more money you will make.

We are based in Murfreesboro, TN and mostly work with businesses in Middle Tennessee. However, our SEO service can apply for any location around the world. 

Is SEO Services right for your business in Murfreesboro, TN?

Maybe. We think in terms of the value of your product or service. If you sell lots of items for $2 and $3, then it will take a lot of traffic for it to be beneficial. On the other hand, if your average service cost is $700, then getting a few per month from organic search would be a huge benefit to your business. By simply understand this, we partner with the right customers and in turn, our clients are seeing $10k to over $100k a month as a result from optimizing their online presence.

What makes Creative Boro different than other SEO & Website Design Companies?

Firstly, we will let you know if SEO services are right for your business or not. We are only looking to help those that we can help and will not accept everyone just to make money. 

Secondly, we value processes, checklists, risk mitigation, & communication. Currently, we have a custom 150+ Point Checklist that we use to audit every website design and online digital presence. We make decisions based on data that we track so that we are not guessing with anything that we do.

Lastly, we play by Google’s Guidelines. Our goal is to provide Google’s users (i.e. searchers) the best information and experience possible. We do not purchase backlinks, as most of our competitors do, because this goes directly against Google’s guidelines.

What do we do each month for our clients?

Phase 1 - Foundation

  • Full Audit of Website, Web Design and Web Presence using our in-house 150+ Audit tool that is built around Google Guidelines
  • Setup data tracking & reporting tools (i.e. Google Analytics, Google Search Console, etc.)
  • Setup & Optimize Online directories to legitimize the business on the web
  • Improve website framework by fixing errors found within the audit
  • Regular posting to Google My Business Profile

Phase 2 - Optimization

  • Create a benchmark of data to be used in Phase 3
  • Analyze top competitors to identify opportunities
  • Identify qualified keywords that customers are searching for
  • Optimize website content so that online searchers find what they are looking for
  • Continue with regular posting to Google My Business Profile

Phase 3 - Maintenance

  • Data Analysis & Re-optimization
  • Content Creation and Publishing
  • Create Business Profiles on high authority websites and automate posting in order to show that your business is active across the web.
  • Continue with regular posting to Google My Business Profile

Monthly Reporting

We provide our Murfreesboro SEO clients with a Monthly report that includes the value generated from the website, SEO Search Rankings, Key Google Analytics Data, and important Google My Business information. The Monthly SEO report is key to visualizing and understanding the ROI of Search Engine Optimization. 


Most Frequent Questions and Answers

Maybe. We can never promise that, and if any company does then you should run far away from them. 

We do follow Google’s recommended guidelines and depending on the industry it may take a few months to a few years to even get on page 1 for certain keywords.

Our service is specifically meant for Local Businesses. Meaning, a business that does business in one city or location. 

We always want to set the correct expectations from the beginning. This helps everything run smoother, and you will know and understand better for what you are paying for. Here are the main things you can expect:

  1. COMMITMENT – We only work with one client per industry per location. This is a great advantage to you because as long as we are working with you, we will not be working for your competitor. 
  2. PROMISE – We promise to follow Google guidelines, as well as research and implement new techniques. This way we can be sure that we put our best foot forward for your business’ online presence. We DO NOT promise to rank your business #1 or even on the first page. We would seriously question anyone promising this. The reason is that Google doesn’t tell anyone exactly what it takes to rank #1 or be on page #1. If they did, then how would everyone fit in the #1 spot. 
  3. ALWAYS LEARNING – SEO is a long-term investment. While, yes, sometimes there can be quick wins and results, in the beginning, results come from constantly analyzing and maintaining the website and web presence. As you may be aware, we live in a world of constant change, especially with technology. It is important to keep up with these changes, improved techniques, and updates that Google makes to its algorithm. We are always on top of industry updates and are able to adapt our processes to implement. We highly value continual learning.
  4. RETURN ON INVESTMENT – Return on Investment comes in different forms to which you should be aware. One thing to keep in mind is that we do not close the sale. The ability to convert a lead into a sale is your responsibility. Our responsibility is to ensure that you receive qualified leads. If you are unable to convert a lead into closed business, that does not mean we didn’t do our job. Here are different forms of return on investment to keep in mind:
    • Leads/Contacts from the website
    • Phone Calls
    • Your business name can easily be found when someone searches for it
    • Your business can be found when someone searches for qualified keywords
    • People Requesting directions to your business from Google Maps
    • Increase in business

No. You do not pay for placement of your website when utilizing search engine optimization. You may pay a SEO company for help to rank on search engines for certain keywords, but you are not paying Google or Bing for those rankings. 

Advertising appears as an ‘Ad’ at the top of the search results. For Google, if the word ‘Ad’ is obvious and those listings are paid for by the company listed.

It depends on what they are doing, your industry, and other things. Feel free to reach out to us and we can help you compare.

What we offer is for local businesses, and we are proud that we have developed this solution to help small and local business have an affordable, high-quality option for SEO.

Yes, if you would like to become a reseller, please reach out to us at

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